Tiberian Fictionverse

I was introduced to the C&C universe through a collection CD, that had ripped versions of Tiberian Dawn and Red Alert. No movies and half the missions didn't work. Nevertheless, I was hooked. So when a friend gave me the Nod CD of the original C&C, I quickly finished it and went in search of the rest of the games.

I later joined Planet Command & Conquer, which was back then the top C&C fan site. I tried out for the Picture of the Day editor role, but got the Feature Writer gig instead. So, I started writing. Emailing "random" Westwood guys with questions, and, to my surprise, getting replies.

After Tiberian Sun, I started a project of organizing the fiction (before RA2 came out...) into a cohesive and flowing Canon. The Canon of Command & Conquer. My work got excellent reviews, comments and arguments. It basically placed me as an expert in everything lore related for C&C. I later found out that my Canon was used internally, at Westwood Studios, to create their own Bible for the stories, to be used in later developments.

After Westwood was consolidated into EA, and a whole new development team was formed to work on new C&C games, I was contacted by EA to provide feedback, advice and even contribute some works of fiction.

PlanetCNC.com is no longer updated. It is broken.
The work I did for C&C4 Tiberian Twilight - unit profiles that appeared on the official C&C site - is no longer up. EA deleted it apparently. 

So, I decided to dig out all my past works for this franchise; some from various sites that are still up, others from the Wayback Machine. Here is my portfolio.

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