About Mark "Cypher" Kotlyar

I'm a Game Designer working on my first big game.

I want to share my process with you, as I research and adjust mechanics, learn Unity on the go and reach milestones for the project(s). Using visitor comments and discussions as a sounding board for my ideas, and as motivation to move forward and onward.

A bit about myself.

I'm combining experience from Psychology, Software Design, Machine Learning, Military Tactics and Combat and Game Design.

That is to say, I'm a Psychology student, working as a lead Developer on a Smart Learning Agent, between stings of active reserve duty as a Captain in the IDF. All the while, working on several game projects with various friends and teams, and have previously contributed in various capacities to the Command & Conquer series.

Also, I love the show Person of Interest!
Why is this relevant?

That will become apparent quickly enough, as I start populating this blog with my journey so far.

Stay tuned.