Friday, June 17, 2016

Welcome to my Blog

Hey everyone and welcome to the first entry of my Game Design blog.

I'm Cypher. In the About page you'll notice that I'm a Game Designer. Why? Because I decided to. It is my passion, my obsession and as soon as possible, will be my livelihood. That's the goal at least.

What I do, however, bring to the table is experience in many different fields, from each of which I've taken lessons, ideas and inspiration towards Game Design. Be it my work as a Software Architect, building up Machine Learning based agents for various industrial fields, from Military, through Cyber Security to IoT and Black Markets. Or my military service, both as a combatant and a commanding officer. Or my Psychology and Cognitive Sciences studies - which actually go very well with my Machine Learning work.

Specifically, game design wise, I've been a contributor to the Command & Conquer franchise since the early days of Westwood. Starting as the writer of the Canon of C&C Encyclopedia, which was later used in EA's in house C&C Bible to various extents, through important gameplay and UI designs in the later games and all the way to working with the writers of the last C&C games on the stories and cinematics.

Today, I'm working on several game projects.
  • Caracri - a turn based Go like game, created by a friend of mine and built on the LibGDX framework, for cross platform play on the Web, Android and Desktop (maybe we'll do an iOS port later).
  • Fort Triumph - a Fantasy Turn Based Tactics RPG.
  • Project NIV - which is going to be the core of this blog. As I discuss core mechanics, ideas and gradual Unity implementations, as well as related side projects.

So... Put Your Glasses On, You'll Hear Better for it, and let's get on with this thing.
NIV is a code name for the project. Basically, short for Nunc Id Vides - which is the first part of the Unseen University's motto.


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